Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me vs The Sea

It's been a long on going battle with me and sea food, tracing back to early highschool years where I devour'd many a crab leg in an all you can eat buffet.
But much closer, the sea food claimed a huge victory with a gagging and heaving night which left me dazed and confused.
Then came the final blow, last night we were in Cali at the legendary Crab Cooker, where I received a knock out punch not only in food, but in smells as well. And I could fight no more. I wanted to vomit all over everyone, but insted I quitely excused myself from the table and made my exit....

You win Seafood, no longer will I try to dominate you and get you in my belly. I do not relent often, but this time in shame I walk away... Best to ya Sea food...

- the beard of reddness, that only eats land based animals.

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