Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brad Bird weekend

This weekend I decided to have a tribute to Brad Bird. The mastermind behind my 2 favorite animated films, The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. I watch both of the films over the weekend... Actually I watched The Incredibles twice. Amazing!
So I have decided that it is my new goal in life to work on a production with Brad Bird. His story lines and ideas are simply genius. The 2 movies mentioned before are the 2 main influences in my life that made me want to be an animator.
That being said, here is a quick 15 min sketch I did of the big man himself. Done with opacity markers, something I have never used before, but am glad to experiment with.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Greatest American heroes

Finally two of America's greatest super heroes join forces. Obama and Spiderman. I think we are all better people because of this comic.

This was given to me at school today. I'm glad they were thinking of me when they saw this.



Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sunday nights have become my time to play around with water colors. This is one I did a couple of weeks ago. I've never really done anything with water colors before, but I love playing around with this new medium.

- Redbeard

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Concept

I haven't really drawn super heroes lately. I did when I was a kid, and basically it was an internal battle with me always over who was better, superman or spider man. So I guess in this case spidey wins... So here is my quick sketch, i always enjoyed a more lengthy skinny spiderman myself.
This could turn into a quick 3d model as well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun with Sculpty

Before we did the Pops model in 3D, we actually made a clay sculpture of the character. I started only with a ball of tinfoil and built it up from there. It was a lot of fun. Behind the sculpture you can see a picture of the concept art provided by the 3DTA.


Hello! I know I haven't posted anything in quite a while, so here are a few things I have been doing here in Seattle at the 3DTA.

Here are a few Assets designed for an air ship we were working on. These are low poly models each between 500 - 1200 tris each.

This is the masthead for the ship

Steering wheel and Globe compass

This was a fun 2 day speed character design, Jack Pumpkin Head, based of the Marvel graphic novel "Marvelous Land of OZ".

This is a character named Pops from the 3DTA. This was from an assignment to create a low poly game ready model. (modeled in maya, textured in zbrush and photoshop)

Here is a close up of Pops head that I sculpted.

Anyways, This is what I have been up to. Please feel free to give me some critiques, and I am looking to enter the industry soon and would love some feedback on how I can improve my skills.