Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What dreams are made of...

One of the best animated features of all time, The Iron Giant. Virtually unknown by many in our day to those of a more "Disney" based back ground, this cinema film truly caught sight of the essence of a great movie. Amazing story yes (which most animated movies have failed to acheive, creating "toonies for the kiddies"), but stunning hand drawn animation in a time when hand drawn animation was tossed aside for a "quicker fix" of 3D stylings. The Iron Giant took hold of what is now considered a lost art, bringing to life some of the most memorable and inspiring characters to ever grace the silver screen, such as: Hogarth Hughes, a virtual clone of a younger Redbeard. Always looking for a new adventure, finding the friends where others can only see a monster.
Plus, to stress the Damn Fine Art taken place by some of the great artists of our time, such as: Alan Bodner and Mark Whiting (one of the most passionate artists of all time). My hat's off to you gentlemen.
If you haven't seen this yet, I will LEND you out my copy (strong emphasis on LEND...too many of you ramp scallions have stolen many a treasure from my chest). It will plant a seed in your heart that will grow, and remind you.... "You are not a gun if you don't want to be."


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