Thursday, April 2, 2009

Si Fi.... FYI

Si Scott has perfected the art of Flourish illustration. He has taken his style and applied it in a way that has affected the graphic design world like few others have even come close to. By taking simple curves and lines to create beautiful and powerful imagery, like only he can do, everything hand drawn from the eyes of it's creator. Though, it hasn't come without imitators, this style of Flourish design has become one of the biggest trends as far as logo creation and ad design in 2008 (Belonging to that field myself, and even imitated in my own way). His style alone deserves credit for this movement. I give the highest honor my red beard can muster... To Si.... Here's an "attaboy" for ya! A true inspiration for viewing things as only Jimi Hendrix on crack could discribe. You Friggin Rock!

So to all you Revolution-ites out there, take a gander, and keep it Revolution moving.


1 comment:

  1. I like the top one too. Love the simplicity and the black and white.