Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think there is a point in everyone's life where you realize what you are meant for, what you are going to do, and where you need to be. This point came to me when I was almost 21, and I experienced the glory that is, The Incredibles. It wasn't just the amazing animation, it was the style, the mood, the world that was created. They were able to perfectly catch a 1960's style movie, but mix it with a hero base feel. When I first watched the movie, I was filled with the overwhelming desire to draw, to create my own world. I know I must animate... And thus, I'm on that road. Still movies hit me and make me yearn and pine for the feel of a perfect pencil on paper, but it was The Incredibles that led me to my path. I know the path is long in front of me, but the passion to create something so unique, such as The Incredibles, will never leave me.

-Beard Face of the Red Flavor

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