Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sculptvember 2011

Since Inktober ended, I've decided to start a new conquest of sort. I call it SCULPTVEMBER!!!

Basically it's the same as Inktober, but instead of doing an ink drawing every week day, I will do a speed sculpt in zBrush every week day.

Here are my first 2 results the first (30 mins, on left) was just playing around with the new Dynamesh in zBrush, and the second picture (1 hour 10 mins, on right) was from a sketch done by an artist by the name of Luigi Lucarelli, who is fantastic.

I'll try to post my efforts as I go along in this month.



  1. I invite you to make Snaggletooth your subject for one of the days this Sculptvember: