Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding my Pencil Zen

Lately I've been out of touch with my Pencil Zen. Sketching and drawing almost seem like a distant friend, who in times past we would have great sleep overs, telling ghost stories and building forts! And now, it's more like we talk on occasion, but never indulge in the great pleasures of old.

So what I have done to reconcile my friend and I, I have joined a great site called
They have some great drawing tutorials and great teachers from various fields in the industry.
Below, I have attempted to get my groove back and practice eyes. The instruction behind these eyes came from one of the great teachers at named Sycra Yasin, who is a fantastic artist.

Well for now, my pencil are at least on speaking terms, but with time and hope, we will be building forts and TPing the neighbors house in no time!

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